Holey linen jumper on 25-04-2020 at 20.16

“Anti-perfection is my aim”, says Bobbie Seagroatt, “I find it too easy to refine images, so I encourage the imperfect.”

Bobbie’s style is freely drawn, semi abstract painting.  Applying, then rubbing off the paint, happens in equal measure. The images start with photography, photo editing and drawing onto canvas with charcoal. She likes to ‘catch’ an image through this process and surprise herself.  

A woman’s physical presentation to the world, whether by clothing, or disguising herself with fabrics, is a strong thread. Wrapped, semi-abstracted or partially obscured female forms are constant themes. Graphic elements and experimental fashion reflect Bobbie’s past projects.

Sometimes I just want to hide inside my clothes – I can’t be the only one.”

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