Holey linen jumper on 25-04-2020 at 20.16

Bobbie Seagroatt’s first degree was in Fashion and Textile design and her interest in drawing, painting, design and photography was encouraged as a child by both parents, who were variously interested in these subjects.

Brought up in the north Kent suburbs of London, she is at home in the built environment of cities but also loves the countryside where she now lives, needing a fix of city life periodically.

Needing to escape suburban uniformity and blandness, her childhood experiences veered between London visits to the theatre and West End stores, and joining a band (Comus) at the age of sixteen, touring Europe and the UK for three years.

Photography, fashion, graphic design and have been strong influences on her painting along with minimalist Abstract Expressionist artists Robert Motherwell, Richard Diebenkorn and Mark Rothko.

1960s pared down fashion design and the hi-contrast, unfussy fashion photography of John French, David Bailey and Nick Knight are also strong threads. 

Achieving an MA in Fine Art Painting at UAL Camberwell in 2020, Bobbie works exclusively from her own photographs, almost always including the female form with elements of clothing, fabrics or textile design in a semi abstract, graphic style. 

Since November 2021, Bobbie, and Jon Seagroatt (her husband), have  been involved with organising and curating some group exhibitions in Oxfordshire showing Bobbie’s work and that of other artists, to very good reviews and successful outcomes